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A Measured Approach

The blockchain is emerging as a potentially disruptive force capable of transforming the financial services industry by making transactions faster, cheaper, more secure and transparent. 
Blockchain’s disruptive nature is derived from its ability to transform almost any process, from the basic documentation, to settling complex contracts across geographies. This inherent capability is alluring to finance and banking decision-makers, who believe its disruptive power is good for their industry.
Decentralized Trade Settlement
  • Lower operational cost: A decentralized trade settlement platform could eliminate or change the role of intermediaries, resulting in reduced commissions and other costs. Ideally, trades could be settled instantaneously (T+0 time-frame).
  • Global trade: Such a model will allow seamless trade globally by keeping securities positions on a decentralized ledger, allowing trades beyond existing regional systems, such as Target 2 Securities (T2S) for the Eurozone.
  • Clearing: Decentralizing the clearing process will eliminate the considerable amount of risk in trading of over-the-counter (OTC) products such as swaps, which has been mandated by regulators.
  • Increased trust: With all transactions recorded transparently on a distributed ledger, trust levels throughout the capital markets would increase.
  • Reduced risk: By executing transactions in real-time, a decentralized platform would eliminate counterparty risk and improve the regulation of “naked short-selling” and other speculative trading methods.
  • Regulatory reporting: Easier access to transaction information for regulators would reduce the cost of regulatory reporting for market participants

Decentralized Trade Finance

A trade finance solution with a letter of credit, bill of lading and multi-signature solutions based on blockchain would include the following features:
  • Carriers issue bill of lading on the blockchain
    as a digital asset.
  • Banks like IBBT issue letter of credit as a digital asset on
    the blockchain.
  • Multi-signature contracts.
  • Smart-contract-enabled, event-based fund release to ensure speed and transparency.

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Currently, we run 3 coins on testnet, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and DOGE. We have the ability to offer nearly all coins. In order to test and evaluate the security, flow, and reliability of our service we believe the 3 Testnet coins are sufficient.


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